Printing Terms & Conditions


Our standard turnaround time is approx 20 working days from completed payment. This can be a little longer or shorter depending on the time of year and our workload. Large orders over x500 pieces, with sleeve prints or with additional finishing services such as inner neck prints will often take slightly longer so please bear this in mind when placing your order.

Turnaround times are approximate and are only an estimated date, so dates are not guaranteed. If you have a specific deadline you need your order by please let us know before placing your order so we can let you know if it is possible to get the order printed and shipped in time or to arrange a rush job (fees applicable) when needed.



Due to the current climate, prices are subject to change fairly frequently as garment/ink/courier/ suppliers increase their prices. Therefore quotes are only valid for 14 days. If we have to raise our prices we will let you know, or keep a look out on our website and Instagram page for any updates. 



Due to the huge number of variables when quoting for custom garments/prints there can occasionally be mistakes in the quoting process so please double check your quote/invoice very carefully before approving and paying. Once your order is approved it will go into production and cannot be changed and we cannot accept responsibility for errors once it has been signed off.



Errors and omissions applies to all of our quotes and invoices. If you are misquoted and additional funds are due, or if we owe you a refund we will let you know as soon as possible.

Sometimes there are weeks (or in some cases months!) of emails and information for a single order, so occasionally details and changes can be missed or misunderstood in the process - we are only human!!! It is your responsibility to check and verify the final invoice for things such as correct delivery address, deadline, garment size breaks, print size, position, colour and Pantone references etc. Once approved by you and the order is in production we cannot accept responsibility for these errors.



Payments must be paid 100% upfront unless otherwise agreed. Jobs will only go into production once the payment has cleared so please factor this into your turnaround time wherever necessary.



Due to the size of our studio, we do not keep stock of garments in house. We have accounts with all the main UK suppliers and garments are ordered in specifically for each order.

We will always check stock levels before sending you your invoice but unfortunately sometimes by the time the order is processed and put into production, stock can run out. If this happens we can either find you a suitable replacement, provide you with an estimated restock date, or refund part/all of your order. Restock dates from our suppliers are estimated so are subject to change and these dates therefore cannot be guaranteed. We are not able to part print some of your order and then print the other part once the backordered stock arrives.



We always try to accommodate deadlines wherever possible. We are only a small team of 5 people so if your deadline requires overtime/out of hours work or a major reshuffle of our working calendar thus affecting other customers orders, it will be subject to a rush fee of 25%. This fee guarantees that your order will ship at least 1 working day before your deadline. As stated previously, we cannot accept responsibility for delays on the part of the courier.



If you need to make a change to your order then you will need to do so before approving and paying to avoid charges. If you make a significant change to your order after approval a £20 admin fee will be charged, plus any additional costs that may be involved.

If you need to change the garment after stock has been ordered you will be responsible for covering the 20% restock fee we are charged by our suppliers



For most artwork, the charge for getting it print-ready is included in the overall price. However for any gradients, or technical separations we charge a fee of £20 as these are much more time consuming than getting a design print-ready.

If your art needs redrawing/re-made we charge a fee of £30 plus VAT per hour.



If your artwork is poor quality or too low resolution we will inform you and ask to be supplied with a better quality version. If you are unable to provide this we are able to redraw and remake artwork for a fee of £30 per hour plus VAT. If a suitable quality isn’t able to be provided we will not print an order. It is your responsibility to provide us with the best possible version of your artwork. We cannot accept responsibility if a design is pixelated, but we will let you know if we have any reservations before printing.



Artwork will be printed at the same size and location on the smallest through to the largest shirt. If you need the same design to be printed at a different size on various sizes of garment, each change in size will be priced as a separate order. Please let us know before approving your order if this is what you require.

The print size and location will be written on your invoice. The mockups we provide are based on a small size garment and act only as an approximate visual representation of size, location and colour, and as such are not 100% accurate.



We do everything we can to make sure your prints are placed as accurately on the garment as possible. However due to printing onto flexible/stretchable fabric that is loaded/unloaded onto the machine by humans there are small tolerances we have to work within. Our acceptable tolerance for print placement is 1cm in any direction.



Known in the industry as spoilage, there is inevitably going to be some defected or misprinted shirts in a run. This could be print related (a piece of cotton in the print for example) or a garment problem (such as a hole or stain). On most jobs we over order garments to compensate for potential problems like this, however occasionally we don’t have enough spare garments to replace these, but on the flip side when we have no issues you may receive a few extra. This is known as under-run and over-run.

As standard across the garment decorating industry, the typical under/over-run varies from 2-10% depending on quantity.

Sometimes because of this it is not possible to give you exactly what you ordered. You may be missing a shirt, you may have an extra shirt or you may receive the correct overall total but with slightly varied sizing to what was requested. We will always refund items that are shorted from your order. If you require exact quantities (say you have run a pre-order for example) please let us know prior to ordering so we can make sure we order extra stock just in case.



If you require a specific colour in your print, we work from the Solid Coated Pantone reference book. Unless provided with a Pantone reference we cannot accept responsibility for any dissatisfaction on the print colour. If no Pantone reference is provided, we will pick the print colour based on the closest colour we can see on our computer monitor. Monitor colours vary quite a bit, so it is never certain if what we see on our monitor is the same as what you see on yours. 

Due to the vast number of variables in garment fabrics and in the screen printing process we cannot 100% guarantee an exact Pantone match, but it will be very, very close!

Discharge and water-based ink is slightly less accurate than other printing inks such as plastisol.

When using discharge inks, print colour and vibrancy depends on how well the dye in the garment reacts with the discharge activator. Sometimes ink on the same garment, but a different batch or size can produce different results. This is unavoidable and we cannot accept responsibility for this as we do not manufacture the garments.



Specialist dyed shirts such as acid wash, stone wash, tie dye, and vintage wash will more than likely have inconsistencies in colour and can also affect the print due to the dye process. This is out of our control and there is nothing we can do about this. We will let you know before hand if we have any concerns about your choice in garment.



As we do not manufacture garments we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% free from imperfections. Common defects include machine oil stains, holes, poor quality stitching, dye issues, size discrepancies, incorrect labelling, and generally misshapen garments.

When using discharge inks, the results depend on the dyes used on the garments so occasionally different batches or even different sizes will produce different results in the print colour. This is unavoidable and we cannot accept any responsibility for the inks producing different results on these same garments.

Garment manufacturers work with a 1inch tolerance when sewing. This means that from batch to batch the same garment could be 1 inch shorter, longer or wider than the original template size. As this is an industry accepted tolerance we cannot accept responsibility for garments varying in size and shape within an order.



We recommend washing your garments based on their wash guide which can be found on their labels. We cannot accept any responsibility for accelerated wear to the garment or print caused by washing garments incorrectly. The basic rule is wash on a cool temperate inside out and never use a tumble dryer!



All orders are sent out via DPD Local on a next day/tracked service as standard. We cannot be held accountable if an order is late due to a delayed delivery as it is out of our hands once it has left our studio. We also cannot be held accountable for any damage to items whilst in transit.



Unless otherwise requested, orders will be folded into bundles (usually of 10) by size, then folded and packed into a suitable box. We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to orders during transit.



We reserve the right to post photos on our website and Instagram page. If you would like us to refrain from doing so, or have a specific release date you would like us to wait for then please let us know before placing your order. Unless notified we will assume we have permission to post photos online.



When placing your order with us, you accept full and sole responsibility for the copyright and the reproduction of images and photos. It is deemed by us that you are the owner and have permission to print your artwork.